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Introducing you to RUTLE SOUL:
the latest band to last a lunchtime!

Harrington Bumble Vocals, Drums, Bass, Historical Accuracy
Pork McSlowlyVocals, Bass, Keys, Food Disposal
Ron ShoobertVocals, Rhythm, Cool Hats
Pastis Best – Lead Guitar, Funky!

and presenting our legendary fifth Rutle

Schleppo DeGear – Keys, Vocals, Special Effects

This truly international tribute band consisting of US and UK musicians, dates back to the spring of 1997 when five 1960s music lovers living in northern England captured lightning in a bottle playing “tribute” to early British rock.

Known initially as the Harrogate Diamonds, the locals quickly adopted simply “the Diamonds “, and name that has stuck for the last 22 years. The current line up still plays to packed houses to this day, most recently playing the Royal Hall in Harrogate with the hard hitting British rock pioneered by Cliff and the Shadows, Joe Brown, Johnny Kid and the Pirates, Kinks, Searchers, the Beatles and the Rutles.

That’s correct. The Rutles.

While the members of the band have always prided themselves for their accurate portrayal of a hard rocking sixties band, it turns out that the founding members are rabid Rutles fans, and have been successfully “sneaking” Rutles songs into the set list from day one. 

Introducing RUTLE SOUL – the newest international band to last a lunchtime!  Featuring founding Diamonds members residing on both sides of the Atlantic.  All Rutles, loud and proud, with tight trousers.  Not to mention a killer set list including:

Goose Step Mama – Number One – Hold My Hand – Blue Suede Schubert

I Must Be In Love – With a Girl Like You – Between Us – Living In Hope

Ouch! – It’s Looking Good – Double Back Alley – Good Times Roll

Piggy in the Middle – Cheese and Onions – Get Up and Go – and more…

Feast your eyes!  This is the cream in the bottle when it comes to Rutles music.

Performed to the high standards that would make even Neil Innes proud.

It was our hope at the time of the bands creation and development that we might get the chance to share the stage with Neil Innes someday.  With the terrible news that we have lost him, it is our wish contribute in our small way to carry the legacy of great music of the Rutles forward on his behalf.

Rutle Soul just might be the best Rutles tribute you’ve never seen. Twist and Rut!

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